ERA4TB is delighted to be partnering with fellow IMI-funded TB research consortium, UNITE4TB, on its upcoming webinar on 23rd March 4-5 pm CET. The webinar will be the second in ERA4TB’s newly launched webinar series exploring key topics related to tuberculosis and antimicrobial research.

The webinar will look at the important topic of community involvement and engagement in early-stage TB research. It will include hearing directly from a TB survivor, Zihle Mbopa, about her hopes for future research and a panel discussion with a fantastic set of speakers exploring why it is important to involve people affected by TB in research, what the challenges can be to doing this and how we can look to overcome them. The panellists will be:

  • Patrick Agbassi, Global Health specialist with experience working on diverse health topics including TB for management consulting and NGOs in Africa. He is the chair of the Global Tuberculosis Community Advisory Board as well as a member of the UNITE4TB Community Advisory Group.
  • Blessi Kumar, is CEO of The Global Coalition of TB Advocates (GCTA) and a member of the UNITE4TB Community Advisory Group.
  • Santiago Ramon Garcia, ‘In vitro’ work package lead for ERA4TB, ARAID investigator at the University of Zaragoza with over 15 years of experience in TB research.
  • Derek Stewart, Patient advocate actively involved with helping patient experience be a driving force in all aspects of health research, including methodologies, to improve relevance, outcomes and impact.

Sign-up to attend the webinar today: Webinar Registration – Zoom

The webinar is being hosted by ERA4TB partner, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

Alongside the webinar, a social media campaign hosted on ERA4TB and UNITE4TB Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, will showcase quotes from project staff about the importance of community engagement in TB research.