From 22 to 24 October took place the 51st Union World conference on lung health.

ERA4TB project was strongly represented last month at the Union conference and actively involved in the organization of online sessions at the conference.

More specifically, on October 22nd during the session ”Innovative Medicines Initiative Antimicrobial Resistance Accelerator: a new public-private partnership to tackle antimicrobial resistance”, sponsored by Uppsala University and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, the ERA4TB Project was presented.

The session included 4 topics: (i) Innovative Medicines Initiative Antimicrobial Resistance Accelerator: structure and strategy, (ii) The European Regimen Accelerator for Tuberculosis (ERA4TB): concept, vision and progress, (iii) Innovative Medicines Initiative Antimicrobial Resistance Accelerator: a new public-private partnership to tackle the antimicrobial resistance issue worldwide: Tric TB and (iv) New approaches to targeting the respiratory chain of M. tuberculosis.

This programme was moderated by Joël Lelièvre (GSK) and had the participation of the following speakers: Karen O’Dwyer (GlaxoSmithKline), Michel Pieren (BioVersys AG), Stewart Cole (Institut Pasteur) and Meindert Lamers (Leiden University Medical Center). Stewart Cole presented ERA4TB emphasizing the need for public-private collaboration in TB Research and Development, the objectives and structure of the ERA4TB Project and the main achievements so far, particularly, the endorsement of 6 compounds being progressed in parallel in the framework of the project at present.

The session was joined by +200 registered participants, and nearly  16,500 visitors came to the conference platform during the entire online event.

Available materials

Audio recording of the session (private access via SharePoint)