[Source: TB Alliance website]

TBAJ-587-CL-001 is the first Phase 1 trial in humans conducted by TB Alliance through the European Regimen Accelerator for Tuberculosis (ERA4TB) project. Funded by the European Union Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Program, ERA4TB operates as a public-private partnership integrating over 30 organizations including academic institutions, not-for-profit organizations, public research organizations, small-medium enterprises and IMI2 Associated Partners. ERA4TB is among nine projects under the IMI Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Accelerator initiative and aims to accelerate the development of new TB treatment regimens.

Drug-resistant forms of TB infect half a million people each year and are the leading cause of mortality due to AMR – new, effective regimens are urgently needed.

To offer insight into the project, we interviewed Almari Conradie, Director of Clinical Operations at TB Alliance, who is part of the team overseeing clinical development of TBAJ-587. The following conversation has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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